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Other Interesting Cars Formerly owned by Dave Miner


68 Camaro SS L78, M22, 44k mi www.z16chevelle.com/1968%20L78.htm

68 Camaro SS RS 396 www.z16chevelle.com/1968SSRS.htm

71 El Camino, 25k miles, orig paint, untouched, mint www.z16chevelle.com/1971ElCamino.htm

73 Monte Carlo, 29k miles, orig paint www.Z16Chevelle.com/1973MonteCarlo.htm 

70 Corvette Roadster LT1, 9k miles, orig paint

14 Model T touring, older resto but very nice

16 Rauch & Lang electric

THANK YOU To all who brought Z16s to Chevy Vettefest Nov 17-18, 2007 for the

Z16 Reunion!


Richard Fudge

Jerry Huffman

Jamie Patrick

Sam Sanguinito

Tom Wright


Special thanks to Bob Ashton, Chevy Vettefest show manager!

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Note: Mark Meekins, former president of National Chevelle Owners Association (N.C.O.A.) and editor of the organization's monthly color magazine, The Chevelle Report,  is considered a pioneer in disseminating a series of Z16 articles throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He
authored articles that contain many Z16 photos and very detailed facts on these special high-performance Malibus. While numerous owners shared their knowledge with him, Mr. Meekins also relied on material from the five Z16s he has owned. The N.C.O.A. no longer exists, but Mark is still respected for his Z16 knowledge. Mark Meekins is hereby recognized for his contribution to the Chevelle hobby and especially for those detailed magazine articles on the limited production 1965 Z16 Chevelle. No one else has ever duplicated this educational feat. Thanks, Mark!

Welcome to the Site dedicated to information on the very special

1965 Malibu SS 396


This Site is also dedicated to the Memory of David Ray Miner, who originally established this essential reference site for
Chevy Big Block enthusiasts! 





Inearly 1965, Chevrolet Motor Division produced an automobile that ignited a new era for Chevrolet: the SS396 Chevelle. Known historically as a Malibu SS 396,
they are referred to today, more generally, as the Z16.

Ride along as this site shares some history, little known facts, research and restoration details of these fascinating cars!


Red/black top

Detailed resto



Beautiful Z16s from a variety of other collectors below.

Joe DeMesy’s fresh Z16




Richard Fudge’s Z16.

1 owner for 35 years! Black.


The new Editor of this Site (as of 11/2008) owns two Z16’s and is looking for another Z16 1965 Chevelle to add to his collection.  Buy outright or will trade triple red Z-16 for a yellow or black car. Trade up or down.


Restored, unrestored, basket case, missing parts - Any car considered.


If you have one or know of one, Email


Thank you!

#1 Z16!


Pilot Car



Z16 Chevelle


History - The Story

Facts, Tech,


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Three of Dave Miner’s former Z16s are studied in detail on this site (click on links below), including perhaps the most significant Chevrolet
muscle car ever built:

The #1 Z16 engineering pilot car!

This site contains GENERAL information on 1965 Z-16 Chevelles.  It is accessed by the buttons at left and below.


This site also contains information on SPECIFIC Z16s (such as the #1 Engineering Pilot Car). Access to these pages is by the boxes above and below. Within the pages on each specific car are many more pages with information on that car.


as found

Triple Red



Black/red int.



1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Z16 Malibu SS396 Z-16