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If you own a Z16 Chevelle, please contact us to register your Z16. A Certificate of Authenticity will be forwarded to you, free of charge, with your proof of ownership. A current title or registration in your name showing the VIN of the subject Z16 is required. The mandatory form to submit is here.


Please note: free certificates are only available to private individual hobbyists with ownership in their name.




If you know of or own what you believe to be a Z16 that is not listed, please forward photos of the vehicle, trim tag and supporting documents (Protect-O-Plate, Dealer Invoice, Broadcast Copy, etc.). The required form to submit is here. The car will be added to the list and a Certificate issued at the Registrar’s discretion.



The information presented herein is believed true and accurate and has been gathered and transposed with due diligence. However, errors are possible and the named individuals, their heirs and successors assume no responsibility or liability for this information.  While a VIN appearance in this list is believed to represent a genuine
Z16 Chevelle, no guarantees are made nor should the appearance of the VIN in the list be the sole determining
factor for authenticating a Z16. Not all VINs have been personally inspected by a Z16 expert. Use all information
presented here at your own risk and without recourse.




All information presented is copyright and and may not be reproduced by any means (mechanical, electronic or otherwise) without specific written permission.


      Please note that the public data below is a fraction of the data collected and held in the files of the Z16 Registry. Much information is cataloged regarding replacement engines, condition of vehicles prior to restoration and other interesting details including history.  Much of this information is otherwise known only to the owner or prior owner of the vehicle and it is held in the strictest of confidence. VIN information is on file for many existing genuine IX coded engines that are either in their non-original Z16 or not in a Z16 or other vehicle. There are more Z16 engines existent than Z16 automobiles.


      The information held helps prevent fraudulent and dishonest activity. The personnel of the Z16 Registry will continue to use the facts gathered to help police the Z16 hobby. It is believed this preemptive move, along with the very unique parts used on Z16s, will help prevent the fakes and rampant deception now occurring in other specialty Chevrolet muscle cars.


      There are also a few Z16s that are believed to exist that are not included in the VIN List because their VIN is not known. In one case, the owner refuses to divulge it, and in several others, contact information is not available.

Existing Z16 Chevelle Data Interpretation


From the 74 known VINs of existing cars with known original colors, the following deductions can be made:


      96% or more of all the Z16s were built in a four week period from mid March through mid April, 1965.


      42 confirmed red cars exist, 16 of those have a black vinyl top.

          18 with black interior:

              13 of those without vinyl top (17.57% of known cars)

                5 of those with vinyl top (6.76 % of known cars)

          14 with red interior:

                8 of those without vinyl top (10.81% of known cars)

                6 of those with vinyl top (8.11% of known cars)

          10 with white interior:

                5 of those without vinyl top (6.76% of known cars)

                5 of those with vinyl top (6.76% of known cars)


      20 confirmed yellow cars exist, 11 of those have a black vinyl top.

          17 with black interior:

                6 of those without vinyl top (8.11% of known cars)

              11 of those with vinyl top (14.86% of known cars)

          3 with white interior (none of those has a vinyl top) (4.05% of known cars)


      12 confirmed black cars exist, 4 of those have a black vinyl top.

          5 with black interior:

                4 of those without vinyl top (5.41% of known cars)

                1 of those with vinyl top (triple black) (1.35% of known cars)

          5 with red interior:

                2 of those without vinyl top (2.70% of known cars)

                3 of those with vinyl top (4.05% of known cars)

          2 with white interior (none of those has a vinyl top) (2.70% of known cars)


Update February 21, 2009 - New cars added!

      The Z16 Registry has been live on the web for about 3 years. Response has been overwhelmingly positive!  In fact, only one (one!) collector has expressed
displeasure that the VINs were made public.  Several serious Z16 historians and collectors have come forward to share their information.  In response, known, confirmed existing Z16s have increased to about 75 with several unconfirmed. Thank you!


      Additionally, the Z16 Chevelle appears to be receiving more attention and
recognition than ever (deservedly so!) -  Folks are finally beginning to recognize THE Chevrolet that started the entire big block craze -
the mighty Z16 Chevelle!


Thanks to all who help!!

Welcome to the Z16 Registry.


Listed here are all known Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of existing 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS 396 Z16s.

(scroll down page to see list)


¨         The Z16 Registry is a free service to the collector car hobby to help promote honest and accurate portrayal of the Z16 Chevelle. Certificates of Authenticity are issued free of charge to hobbyist collectors.


¨         The Registry is made possible by Chris Daniels and Dave Miner.  Major
contributors of historic VIN information include Terry Gunter, Richard Fudge and Mark Meekins.


¨         Approximately one-third of the original 201 Z16s produced still exist.


¨         The cars listed range from untouched originals in excellent condition, to
beautifully restored cars, to rough basket cases.


Please visit for in-depth information on these fascinating automobiles.

Z16 Chevelle


Z16 Registry


Z16 Registry


Z16 Chevelle


Registry People


¨   Chris Daniels has been collecting Z16s and information since the early 1970’s. He has owned nine Z16s and currently owns two. Chris has performed many beautiful, accurate restorations on Z16s for himself and for hire. He is the major contributor of VIN information.


¨   Dave Miner owned four Z16s and researched and learned in-depth detail on Z16s.  He was the founder of the
Z16 Registry and


¨   Mark Meekins has owned five Z16s, has done a great deal of research and written
numerous articles on Z16s.


¨   Terry Gunter has owned nine Z16s and knows many of the surviving Z16s very well. He has contributed much VIN information.


¨   Richard Fudge has owned his Z16 for over three decades and has collected historical Z16 information.


¨   Jeff Helms owns two Z16s, is the current editor of, and has done extensive research and documentation of factory
assembly details and ‘numbers’ data on many restored and unrestored Z16s.


¨   Tony Jacobs has owned one Z16 and has collected and provided Z16 VIN and cowl tag information.


¨   Randy Burghrave has had a keen interest in Z16s since 1967 and has contributed VIN information.